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Video Conferencing in Chandigarh

Communication Services

Cost-effective meetings at distance

With business increasingly working in a global environment, effective communications infrastructure forms the backbone of today’s office. Equipped with all audio and video conferencing facilities, YourOfficeSapce allows you to meet anyone, anywhere, any time - real time.

  • Stay connected
  • Make decisions faster
  • Save money on flights and hotels
  • Book online - quickly and easily, at affordable rates
Audio and Video Conference

Cost effective and time saving audio and video conferencing facilities, allowing businesses to connect with their clients across the world in 'real-time', reducing the need for travel.

Our communication services is featured with:
  • Multiple audio-conferencing bridges
  • Point-to-point IP enabled video phones
  • Multipoint video-conferencing facility
  • Function to support wideband and narrowband codec mixing
  • Administrative control for the conference host
  • Dedicated private conference access mode
  • Outbound calling to conference attendees
  • Conference host control via Switchboard
  • Room access by time validity
  • Voice to mail messages
  • Remote surveillance equipment

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